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Ugly God drops his debut project "The Booty Tape"

XXL Freshman Ugly God dropped his highly anticipated debut project titled "The Booty Tape" this week and it has been drawing tons of attention. After many leaks of potential features that would accompany Ugly God, Wiz Khalifa was the only artist to make "The Booty Tape". The intro track featured a voice sample from a popular Youtube channel (CUFBOYS) where @Gingeria & his mother watch rappers and react to their videos. Aside from that, the whole thing is Ugly God on his own.

A few songs were leaked in videos prior to the album dropping but one that stuck out to us was "Stop Smoking Black & Milds". This beat had the darkest style on the whole project and although the subject matter is comical, Ugly God still crafted a great concept and the song actually makes a lot of sense. Honestly, who wants a girl who smells like Black & Milds? There is nothing wrong with Black & Milds but the smell is awful after a while, haha.

We definitely think this project will grow with continued success throughout the rest of the year. A lot of artists come up short on their debut project but Ugly God rose to the occasion and delivered a great body of work that really fits his image, likeness and personality. We were blessed to have been able to be backstage for some dates on his east coast tour earlier this year and to see the type of person he is so genuinely reflected in his music, is really refreshing. If you look past the comic relief his songs have, Ugly God has some very intelligent lines.

A lot of artists have to put on an act to become successful but Ugly God is himself 24/7 and clearly has fun with it every step of the way. The crowd loves him at every show, they know every word to every song and scream them. They even throw pokeball's and other novelty items on stage, just for Ugly God to pick up or wear during his set. The cult following he has established is so strong and is only getting stronger. We are excited to see what the future hold for this young talented artist.

Stream "The Booty Tape" on SoundCloud

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