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We had the pleasure of interviewing upcoming HipHop artist, Niti Griffin. He has dropped a lot of high energy music that we grew very fond of and I'm sure after getting to know him in this interview you will be just as curious as we were. Truly and artist in his own lane, Niti Griffin is out to prove he is up next. Check out the interview below and be sure to follow him on Twitter & Instagram!

Niti Griffin Interview

1. Who are you?

Niti Griffin aka Leff Hardy. OK!!

2. What state are you from and what area do you rep?

Lower East Side the Dirty South of Manhattan

3. How old were you when you decided to create music?

I was about 13-14 when I first hit a booth but 8 when I first tried to write a rhyme

4. Who are your biggest influences?

Musically and in life? Musically it was PAC & Big L but in life it had to be my moms and my uncle louie.

5. What did you want to grow up to be when you were 5 ?

I wanted be a lawyer because at the time, my 2 of my uncles were incarcerated so I thought I could free them lol.

6. What was your inspiration for the Leff Gordon video?

I wanted to show people that I have something different to bring to the table, rugged and colorful. Everyone wanna be the next Muhammad, MJ or PAC so I decided to run with Jeff Gordon and just flip his name to cater to me while stayin true with a little bit of today's trends. My guys Matt & Jon who directed the video really helped me embody that visually tho.

7. Describe what a Niti Griffin show is like for someone who has never been.

A hardy boyz "No Holds Bar/TLC" match with 808s and hi hats, shit deadass be 2xtreme no bullshit.

8. Describe some your future short term/long term goals for yourself.

Just make the best music and stay on top how ever I could. I don't like puttin to much out there, my uncle always said "the walls have ears".

9. What is your favorite song out right now?

Leff Gordon lol nah but on a serious note, i don't have personal favorite, I like everything, literally, from the likes of N*SYNC to a 21 Savage, to even a Bon Jovi.

10. What separates you from the other artists in New York?

My fusion between melodic cadences and bars to my sense of fashion, a lot of dudes using ya boy as a look book, but i ain't mad lol I'm the "N's" in Innovative.

11. If you could play any professional sport what would it be?

I'm not really a sports guy but if I had to pick, wrestling of course.

12. Yankees or Mets?

None. "I'm from NY and never was fan of the knicks"

13. What is your dream collab?

None tbh, only way I like to collab is if I actually have a rapport with the artist I'm collaborating with

14. Who is your favorite artist outside of Rap/Hip-Hop?

Jeff Hardy all the way. Most people don't know this but he paints, makes music and him and his brother hand made the wrestling costumes when they first started.

15. Where can people find you?

Twitter and Instagram for now (@nitigriffin), at least until the site is completed.

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