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Chris Webby & Justina Valentine let us know that sometimes being a "Weirdo" is accepta

“I’m just a Weirdo”

Listen to “Weirdo” by Chris Webby Feat. Justina Valentine here on Soundcloud

Weirdo, by Chris Webby featuring Justina Valentine is a ballad to the ones who may not have always fit in growing up. Everyone has “weird” habits or qualities that they posses but why must society look at being weird as a bad thing? It was great to hear these two artists embrace the weirdness, as should everyone else. There is no reason why people should criticize someone for being a weirdo if that person is okay with being weird in the first place. A lot of people mistake being different for being weird. They are not one in the same, learn to do your own thing as opposed to following the leader and you might just find whatever it is you’re truly looking for.

Chris Webby, as always delivers great verses. His punchlines not only give you those “wow how did he do that” moments, they also have some comic relief to show you that he is in this for the love & fun as much as he is in it to showcase his skills. Webster can definitely hang with the best of them on any beat. Justina Valentine accompanies Chris on “Weirdo” and shows us what she can do. With some impressive singing on the bridge and chorus, you can’t help but get up and move to this. The way Justina rides the beat while maintaining such a great pitch on here voice is something we greatly admire, a true talent.

We are ALL a little weird and embracing it is a much better way to cope instead of feeling left out or different. Just because people don’t broadcast their weird qualities 24/7 doesn’t mean that they aren’t weird themselves. The most popular kid in school is probably the weirdest. You just don’t know it because they don’t want to show their peers that they have a “weird” trait or quality. Anyone out there feeling a little different or feeling like a Weirdo, there is no need to worry. There is a little weirdo in everybody, embrace it and watch everyone else do the same.

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Written by: @GiggMusic

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