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Mike Rari is our 1st "Song of the Week" winner !

"Just know I'm not sorry"

We recently started a song of the week poll on twitter which gives our fans and artist's fans the opportunity to vote weekly for their favorite song. This week we had The Animal Pack, Sosa & Mike Rari competing head to head. All the tracks were FIRE but we are pleased to announce that our first ever song of the week winner is Mike Rari & his track "Not Sorry"!

The track is a perfect blend of singing/rapping in our opinion. Mike comes on the beat with precision delivering a hypnotizing melody while still spitting witty lyrics. Taking over 70% of the vote, Mike really earned this one. Be sure to check out his other tracks and follow him on Twitter ! Also, don't forget to bump this weeks winning song, "Not Sorry" below !

Mike Rari on Twitter

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