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The Budget Boyz link up with Charlie Classic & remind us why we all need a "BFFE"

The Budget Boyz have been making some noise over the last few months with some catchy, humorous and witty tracks/videos. Here we have their new video titled "BFFE (Best Friends Forever and Ever)" co starring the social media mega star Charlie Classic. South Jersey director Grant Lake stepped behind the camera and shot a movie to accompany the song.

We all have a best friend and regardless of whether we show it or not, we care deeply for them. There is at least one line or one scene in this video that we all can relate to. Aside from the comic relief throughout the song, there are actually many great references to "best friend activities". Playing video games, smoking weed, drinking beer and eating pizza are just to name a few.

The song is very well written and to be honest the video really brings a different dynamic. When listening to just the audio you can sit there and say "this is funny" or "this is so true" but when you watch this video it really helps you understand what The Budget Boyz were trying to go for. It also allows the listener and viewer to see a physical comparison to the lyrics. We love it and you will too!

Check the video out above and be sure to follow The Budget Boyz & Charlie Classic !

The Budget Boyz

Charlie Classic

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