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We linked up with Los Angeles based production duo OOHDEM BEATZ for an interview and got to know a little bit more about how they get the job done.

1. Who are you?

Answer: “OOHDEM BEATZ” a production team focused on pushing the boundaries of trap music! We are actively involved in the underground Trap scene in Los Angeles working with names like Lil Xan, Steve Cannon, RSK, Blaze

& The Beat Brigade.

2. What state are you from and what area do you rep?

Answer: Currently living in Los Angeles, but reppin New Jersey & planet Earth!

3. Who are your biggest influences/inspirations?

Answer: Travis Scott, Migos, Young Thug, Murda Beatz, Decko, 24hrs, Famous Dex, XXXTENTACION, 808 Mafia, Diplo

4. Why did you decide to get into Hip-Hop music?

Answer: Half our team had early influences in Atlanta, living there for a few years to start our career off. The other half of our team is from New Jersey, where hip hop and trap music played a big role in growing up there. We love the diversity hip hop provides and most importantly the unique culture that is pushed through the music! We believe Trap music is in a really cool time where creativity is pushed more than anything, and the vibe is crazy! Its more of a fun playful environment now than it used to be, which is really inspiring.

5. What makes you different than every other artist & producer?

Answer: One of the biggest differences between us and most other artists, is that we do everything entirely in house. We produce, write, record, mix, master and even put our own vocals on all of our songs. We also do all of the graphic design and videos by ourselves. We had a hard time finding people we trust with our content and designs, so we ended up just learning how to do everything ourselves! The power is in all of our computers now, so why not learn it! So when you listen to our music, it is truly an original piece created top to bottom by OOHDEM BEATZ.

6. Where can people find you?

Soundcloud :

Instagram :

Spotify :

YouTube :

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