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Smokepurpp & RonnyJ team up yet again & will have you geekin' with their new single &quo

Smokepurpp & RonnyJ never cease to amaze. These 2 have made an insane amount of hits, whether it is solo tracks from Purpp or collabs, these guys know how to turn up and make a banger.

This type of music is special because it has a certain energy that your traditional Hiphop tracks do not give you off. The bass and hi hats make you want to take your liquor and throw it in the air, jump around and act wild. That’s just our opinion but I think when you listen to “Geek Alot” you will feel the same energy.

Not only is the beat fire, Smokepurpp comes with his usual plethora of catchy flows and funny, yet witty one liners. One that stuck out to us in particular was...

“Stop tryna come at my spot, I want the brain, want the top”

That line might just seem like a derogatory one liner about getting some “top” but Purpp is describing not only that, but he might also be trying to subtly explain to others that he is at the top right now and they should not come for his “top spot”.

If you have not listened yet, please do your self a favor and click the link right here and BUMP it until your speakers break.

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