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Gio Martin & Young Jasper Drop A Sick Collaboration Titled "Check Up" & It Is Alre

New Jersey native Gio Martin & Chicago native Young Jasper team up with San Diego based producer SteveJobs 2 to bring us this sick track, Check Up.

Gio Martin is almost 10 years deep in the game while Young Chicago artist Young Jasper made his debut within the last couple years. None the less both of these artists have plenty of people from the past “checking up” on them while they get their “check up” (see what we did there?). With the rise to the top comes a lot of negativity and leeches trying to ride coat tails but Gio & Jasper can be missed with that. Both artists have tight, talented circles with long time friends who know what’s best for each other and it shows when they put out content.

The song is hosted by Bvggio, a culturally inspired fashion brand based out of Northern New Jersey. Dino Bvggio, the C.E.O. of Bvggio went to High School with Gio Martin back in the early 2000’s and he discovered Young Jasper on SoundCloud earlier this year before the young star began achieve underground success. He linked both Gio & Jasper up, without him this track wouldn’t have even been possible at this time.

Now almost a year later, Young Jasper is on target to be one of the hottest artists coming out of Chicago. With multiple features from Elevator, Lyrical Lemonade & Daily Chiefers in the past couple months, the momentum is not stopping anytime soon. Gio Martin is still making his way to the top, now with 3 Shade 45 appearances under his belt and coverage from other notable online publications, it is no wonder why these 2 have amassed over 60,000 streams in just 11 days on "Check Up”

If you have not heard the song, go listen to "Check Up" on SoundCloud right now by clicking the link below


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