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Ohio Artist Yalee & Rich The Kid Might Have The Ultimate One Night Stand Song With Playful Balla

Ohio born artist Yalee already had a hit song with Pokema N' Go but adding Rich The Kid for the Remix just might put it over the top. Ty Jamz delivered the perfect beat for this half singing, half rapping ballad. The catchy keys and great cadences from Yalee provide the perfect blend of Hip-Hop elements. When Rich The Kid comes in for the 2nd verse the energy is maintained and he delivers some comical but witty punchlines that could make you laugh or say “DAAAAAMN”.

"Pokema N Go, hit it and quit it, I'm straight out the door" - Rich The Kid

All jokes aside this song is really dope and only at 5 months old, you can expect to see it surge to the mainstream any day now. Yalee is currently working on some new music that has no firm release date but he has been quick to drop previews on his Instagram @Yalee over the past couple weeks. We will keep you updated.

If you have not heard "Pokema N' Go" be sure to click the link below and bump it NOW.


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