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New York Artist DizzyGotBands Is Ballin' On The Competition Like Lonzo With His New Single

"Baby, I'm ballin like Lonzo"

DizzyGotBands just dropped a brand new track titled "Lonzo" produced by one of Youtube's producing pioneers, CashMoneyAP. We really like this track, it is the perfect combination between an uplifting, motivational song & a club banger. "Lonzo" can either motivate you to succeed or make you want to pop a bottle with a model.

The piano in the beat really provides the framework for the flow of DizzyGotBands. The punchlines throughout the track are incredible. We were very impressed by the wordplay and delivery on "Lonzo". This is not a sound or flow you hear everyday, it is unique to Dizzy & we are very excited to see what the future hold for him and his team. He definitely has a bright path ahead of him.

We listed a few punch lines below from DizzyGotBands that we really enjoyed and thought you would too!

"You cannot f*ck with my adlibs"

" I made a living off word of mouth"

"I'm in the club like I'm Mickey Mouse, My boys in the hood like it's Ricky house"

If you have not heard "Lonzo" by DizzyGotBands be sure to click the link below and turn your volume up!

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