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The Heathens Are Geekin' On Their Lonely & Headed For The Top

West Coast collective "The Heathens" have been underground for a while but as Donald James & Lil LsD aka "Wickedfool" drop a collaborative EP, featuring another member of their group, SketchTheHeathen & BRENTRAMBO, they might go from geekin' on their lonely to geekin in the main stream.

The whole project was produced by "Lonely" who added amazing instrumentals under The Heathens vocals. The beats really put you in a good mood right off the bat and make you want to keep listening as much as the lyrics do. We hope to see these guys all work together again in the future. Now time to learn a little about these young talented individuals.

(From Left To Right: Donald James, SketchTheHeathen, KanyeQwest, Lil LsD )

We have been following The Heathens for quite sometime and we have always felt as if they have been slept on in the industry. TIME TO WAKE UP. They are true innovators of the underground and if you didn't know that before, you will once you delve deeper into their SoundCloud. With over 100 total songs uploaded between them all, there surely will something to catch your ear.

The Heathens use a variety of genres that influence their music but some of the most prominent that stand out are the trap, R&B, alternative rock & emo elements. This is something not many artists can do well but when Wickedfool, Donald & Sketch step to the mic, they are able to seamless connect these sounds to form something completely unique to their image and personalities.

The reason why we love "Geekin' On My Lonely" so much is because after knowing these artists on a musical level, it was great to see them experiment with the modern sound of Hip-Hop. They did it so well while still staying true to themselves and their art. These young men are truly one of a kind artists whose career will flourish in due time. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for The Heathens and what momentum they can build off of this stellar EP release.

If you have not heard "Geekin On My Lonely" yet click the link below and start geekin

with The Heathens !


Donald James -

Lil LsD -

Sketch -

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