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New Jersey artist KiERAN Is Making Sure You Remember Him With The Help Of Mr. I Am Digital

KiERAN is no stranger to the Hashtaghiphop platform. We have been watching this New Jersey artist for over a year now and with every release he becomes stronger and stronger. The music video for "Remember Me" is so clean and matches the aura of the song very well. Everyone wants to be remembered for something and KiERAN gave us an extremely memorable visual here. Mr I Am Digital helped bring this deep song to life. His angles throughout each scene brought a nice cinematic touch which completed KiERANS ability on the Mic. Being that he is a south Jersey native we are very fond of the water scenes. It helps us connect with the internal message of where he comes from. Throughout "Remember Me" there are a lot of trippy color effects gave our eyes something to be attentive to while KiERAN delivered bar after bar.

We highly suggest you check this out & be sure to follow KiERAN & Mr I Am Digital


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