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Jay Po Drops New Single Off Of His Mixtape "Blok Work"

Jay Po - Blok Work

Stream Jay Po's new single "Blok Work" on SoundCloud here:

Blok Work is Jay Po's second single off his upcoming mixtape, titled "Blok Work". This track is full of different flows and stellar punchlines. Jay Po lets us know he is no stranger to the block and will do whatever it takes to survive and win. Whether it is in life or in music, he will come out on top.

You can hear the hunger in his voice as he projects his life stories over the beat. Feniko added the perfect instrumental which compliments Jay's lyrics like it was meant to be. Every time we hear a new song from Jay Po we are never disappointed, each time he comes with some fire

Follow Jay @po_ftbu on all social media outlets. "Blok Work" the Mixtape will be dropping at the top of 2018. We are excited to see what this project will do for Jay Po.

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