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New York Artist Keefyyy Carter Is Proving Why He Is In "A Different Lane"

Keefyyy Carter


(Hosted by #HashTagHipHop)

New York artist Keefyyy Carter is truly in "A Different Lane” and his project exemplifies why. We have the pleasure of hosting this phenomenal body of work and we couldn’t be happier for Keefyyy. It is a blessing to be a part of artists rise, we have been rockin' with Keefyyy Carter for a minute now and always thought he stood out. When we we're presented with the opportunity to work with Keefyyy & host "A DIFFERENT LANE" we we're extremely excited.

A Different Lane is a 6 song project filled with great lyrics, hypnotizing cadences and unique flows. The production on each track is top notch and match the stellar vocals provided by Keefyyy. Our favorite track off of “A Different Lane” is ‘Hella Bandz’.

“She only wanna f*ck so she could tell her friends”

Keefyyy really shows us some unique characteristics on ‘Hella Bandz’. He flows like a rapper and harmonizes like a singer. He does something most artists can’t and he does it well. We definitely suggest you check out this amazing project because the other 5 songs hit just as hard in many ways. It is perfect for a long car ride, late night vibe session, really any occasion. If you like hearing a new refreshing sound, from a new refreshing artist, check out Keefyyy Carter.

Be sure to stream “A DIFFERENT LANE” on SoundCloud & Follow Keefyyy on Twitter below



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