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Lee Sahir Comes Into 2018 With New Banger "Year Of The Dog"

Lee Sahir

Year Of The Dog

Lee Sahir has been on our radar for a while and as 2018 begins its no surprise that he is already starting off strong. At the end of 2017, released this statement on Twitter..

"As of 2018, @_KYNGK is my executive producer. Every song from here on out is produced by either him or myself, or both of us on our tag team shit.”

After hearing “Year Of The Dog" we understand why, this beat is a banger. KYNG K is extremely dope and Lee rides the track perfectly, as the production blends well with his tone. The punchlines delivered by Lee kept coming, just when you thought they would stop, he pulled another one out of the bag. This is one of our favorite lines below.

“You ain’t the got the vision I been divergent” - Lee Sahir

As the year goes on we are excited to see what more Lee Sahir has for us.

In the meantime go check out “Year Of The Dog” streaming now on SoundCloud


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