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Gio Martin Is Singing The "Same Old Song" With The Help Of Nedarb Nagrom

Gio Martin - Same Old Song


[Dir. @NimiHendrix]

Gio Martin teamed up with Nimi Hendrix of Secret Society earlier in 2017 to create & drop visuals to his largest single “Same Old Song” produced by Goth Boi Clique's, Nedarb Nagrom. After hitting 100k plays on SoundCloud in a month, we knew this one had potential to take off. The audio & video both tell a reminiscent tale of living in the past which many can relate to.

“It’s the same old song about the same old love”

For those who have “the one that got away” stuck in their mind, this song will shed some light on your emotions when dealing with that. As Gio performs in front of a fence full of “Love Locks” from couples displaying their commitment, he reminds us that he to, is stuck in the past, and is slowly finding a way to move on. The visual really helps bring the message out, Nimi Hendrix did a great job as director.

We definitely suggest you check out the visuals and be sure to put the audio in your Soundcloud playlists!

Stream "Same Old Song" on Spotify by clicking here

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