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Young Jasper & Bobby Johnson Are In Tip Top Shape As 2018 Begins

Young Jasper - TIP TOP

(Prod. by Bobby Johnson)

2018 has just started and Chicago’s rising star Young Jasper already unleashed a complete banger upon us with the assistance of Bobby Johnson on the beat. TIP TOP is short sweet and to the point. At only 1:38 seconds, Jasper gets right to the action and gives us something to play on repeat. Young Jasper also uses a new flow that we have not heard from him before. This is just more proof that this young man is in his own lane and taking steps toward setting the trends as opposed to following them. Bobby Johnson’s beat is perfect for this simplistic yet catchy flow from Young Jasper. We hope to see these two work together more in the future. As the year progresses, we really believe Young Jasper will quickly rise to the top. We see no reason as to why he can't be a household name in both the underground and mainstream. Young Jasper had an extremely impressive 2017 & we are excited to see what else he has in the cut for us this year. "UNOTHRAXX"

Stream Young Jasper's "TIP TOP"(Prod. by Bobby Johnson" on SoundCloud Now! Don't wait just do it

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