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2018: Who's On Deck: #10 - Young Jasper

Young Jasper - Illinois

#10 on our 2018 “Who’s On Deck” list is Chicago’s young rising talent, Young Jasper a.k.a UnoThrash. Coming with a sound and style of his own, Young Jasper is setting out to be the next big thing in Hip-Hop. We found out about Young Jasper in early 2017 as he emerged onto the scene as a new artist. A close friend of Hashtaghiphop & C.E.O of the culturally inspired fashion brand Bvggio, Dino Bvggio, discovered Young Jasper on SoundCloud in 2016. At the time he had less than 100 followers. To see where Jasper has come from then to now is remarkable.

We currently have 2 exclusive tracks uploaded to our SoundCloud with Young Jasper. Heartbreak & FaceTime which are two melodic, lyrical bangers from the Chicago native. The music video for “Heartbreak” premiered on one of the most influential platforms in Hip-Hop, Elevator which put Young Jasper in front of a whole new set of eager eyes. He has since found himself on Elevator more than a handful of times this past year and with additional repeated support from platforms and taste makers like Lyrical Lemonade & Daily Chiefers as well, Young Jasper is quickly taking the internet by storm.

Jasper even had people going on a dance craze when he teamed up with LOST TV’s Pat Banahan for the “Bussin” music video. “Bussin” featuring Tylor Fakie was a great song but the video made it even greater. The whole team is posted behind Jasper & Tylor as they get their verses and dance moves off for the camera. Pat Banahan, one of Chicago's premiere videographers did his thing as usual providing great animations & cinematics.

Another song that really helped propel Young Jasper this year was Unothraxx. The music video for “Unothraxx” premiered on Elevator as well in late November and the reviews on it are top notch. We find it amazing that even as a young upcoming artist, Young Jasper is still able to capture the attention of people from past generations. One person had this to say in the comment section of the Unothraxx video.

"dis muhfu*kin beat so GOT DAMN LITT MANE... 👏 you've gained an "old head" as a fan. Keep dem bangaz comin."

Young Jasper’s most recent collaboration “TIP TOP" was with powerhouse producer, Bobby Johnson. Many blogs quickly picked it up and it has been doing well amongst the online community. Another 2017 collaboration Young Jasper did with Gio Martin, titled “Check Up”, landed him his first 100,000 streams as well. In just under a year, Young Jasper has been really proving that he is headed towards a bright future. Jasper has also admirably been able to stick out in Chicago despite the large amount of competition. Anyone we have spoke to in Chicago says Young Jasper is up next and we could not agree more. Find out why for yourself and check out his stuff below !




Noteable Songs

  • Heartbreak (Prod. by Guapo Dinero)

  • Bussin' Feat. Tylor Fakie (Prod. by KidKeva)

  • Unothraxx (Prod. by WMN)

  • Check Up - Gio Martin Feat. Young Jasper (Prod. by Steve Jobs 2)

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