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We had the please of sitting down with Dino Bvggio, the owner & C.E.O. of Bvggio, a culturally inspired fashion brand which focuses on bringing positive light on the Arabic & Palestinian culture. Dino's designs fit the market to be alongside your favorite high end street wear brands. He has already found some mainstream success & Bvggio has been worn and mixed numerous with some of the world's most luxurious and coveted brands. Earlier in 2017, we shot an informational commercial with Dino so he could explain his mission statement for himself. We have linked the video below so feel free to watch either before or after you read this amazing interview with this amazing individual. The one and only, Dino Bvggio

1. Who are you?

Dino Baggio

2. What city are you from and what area do you rep?

I grew up in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. I rep Jersey till death!

3. What is BVGGIO?

BVGGIO is a culturally inspired fashion brand. The brand is separated into two levels, Streetwear and High Fashion.

4. When did fashion become a huge part of your life?

I’ve been exposed to fashion since a kid. It began with my grandmother being a seamstress for over 50 years. It sounds unusual for the common person but my grandma is a huge part of BVGGIO. The brand really stems from her being my mentor, and creating fashion through our culture.

5. Is culture something that is important to your brand ?

Culture is extremely important to our brand because we base the brand's art and design after our Palestinian heritage.

6. What is the design process like for you?

There is no specific design process. What separates Baggio from others is its originality and uniqueness. The work I create is all about mental creativity and what inspires me at the moment.

7. We saw that Thouxanbanfauni wore your orange long sleeve box logo tee in his "No Tomorrow" video. What was it like to see that?

I woke up to my boys call, explaining to check Instagram because Fauni wore my designs in his new video. It has to be one of my greatest accomplishments yet. I’ve I felt truly blessed that he wore my designs in his video.

(Thouxanbanfauni in Bvggio during "No Tomorrow" Music Video)

8. Who are some other artists/public figures who have worn/supported your designs?

Two upcoming artists I consider my brothers Rioma and Gio Martin. Young Jasper an artist from Chicago who I’ve connected with through the process has also been a major supporter. Malick from New Jersey 070 has also been seen in Bvggio. Adam22 of No Jumper also included my hoodies in one of his VLOG's.

9. What advice would you give to upcoming designers trying to breakout into the industry?

Consistency and patience are two things I’ve learned along the way. This industry isn’t easy to break through , so connections and social media are two other important factors.

10. Where do you see BVGGIO in 5 years?

To be specific, I can’t. Nobody knows where they will be in five years or even one year. What I do know is I won’t be in the same place I am right now because of my motivation and daily goals I set for myself.

11. If you could see one artist in BVGGIO who would it be and why?

If I could have one person represent Baggio it would be DJ Khaled, because he’s “Major Key.” He is the positivity of what BVGGIO represents to our cultural background.

12. What separates BVGGIO from other streetwear brands in the industry

Bvggio is exclusive in representing Palestinian culture, while still maintaining a connection with various other cultures and walks of life throughout the world. On a product level, I have two different sides to our inventory. I cater to a high end street wear audience first and foremost but I still have modest pricing on certain items to ensure that anybody, anywhere can purchase & wear Bvggio if they want to.

13. If an artist is interested in wearing your designs or if someone is interested in buying some pieces, where can people find you?

Check us out on all social media @BVGGIO. Hit us up and let us lets build!

14. Aside from Hip Hop, what other entertainment industries or genres would you like to see your designs break into?

I don’t have a preferred genre or group where I want my work to break into. I want people to understand my work and what I represent more than who is wearing it.

15. Any last words for the readers?

Be on the lookout for BVGGIO in 2018 !

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