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Smokey Pete & DJ Flippp Have Everyone Saying "OH YEA" As 2018 Starts

Smokey Pete - OH YEA

(Prod. By DJFlippp)

Smokey Pete aka Niti Griffin first came onto our radar with his 2017 single “Leff Gordon” but to start 2018 this New York City native drops an up beat melodic banger title “OH YEA” produced by Dj Flippp.

We really like how Smokey Pete switches it up on this track, straying away from the aggressive hard hitting style. Although Smokey Pete really uses that approach well, we can see that as 2018 begins, Smokey Pete wants to show everyone how diverse he can be. He literally has something for every type of listener. No matter what mood your in, Smokey can provide the vibes

To be honest, DJ Flippp provided the perfect framework for Smokey Pete to craft “OH YEA”. The melodies and keys from both Smokey Pete & DJ Flippp seamlessly blend, giving us a unique sound and innovative start to the year for both of these rising talents. We really hope to see these 2 work together in the future as this track is most definitely a hit ! "OH YEA" it is.

Make sure you check out the track below & follow Smokey Pete!

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