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2018: Who's On Deck: - #9 Rayla

Rayla - New York City

#9 on our 2018 “Who’ On Deck” list for 2018 is New York City based singer, songwriter, Rayla. Although she may not be Hip-Hop by definition, her tracks embody elements of a female Hip-Pop star. Rayla is not afraid to tell it like it is. Her witty attitude & upfront confidence in her vocal and lyrical ability is something we greatly admire. Rayla keeps it real on each track without fail. If we were Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, or Alessia Cara, we would be looking over our shoulder because Rayla is setting up to be one of the next big things as 2018 progresses.

Earlier in 2017 Rayla emereged onto the scene while collaborating with Grammy nominated DJ & Producer, Morgan Page for their single “Other Girl” which released on EDM powerhouse, Armada Music. "Other Girl" talks about a guy who has one main girl but many other “side chicks” as well. Rayla belts breathtaking notes while letting this unfaithful man know she is happy to not be his girl. Amassing over 200,000 streams on SoundCloud in less than a year, it proved to be a great debut for Rayla.

Rayla's latest single “Boys Like You” (Prod. by Ali Dee & BElllA) released 2 days ago & has already been blowing up on SoundCloud. She explains the struggles of finding the right man & how in today’s society, a lot of the time “boys” are just interested in a woman’s body instead of their mind and soul. By the end of the song Rayla has gained her confidence to stand up to the bad boy of her dreams and let’s them know that she doesn’t give a — about them!

A female voice like this does not come around very often. A lot of people can sing, but Rayla can serenade. As she possess tones & vocal ranges similar to powerhouse artists in her demographic, like Taylor Swift & Katy Perry, Rayla just has that special something in her voice that makes her different. Sometimes you can just hear the voice of a star & can’t really explain the specifics because you’re so blown away by the artists ability. Rayla is one of these artists. We undoubtedly believe that 2018 will be huge for Rayla, she's already been making strides in the industry but this year may be that big leap to the next level.




Notable Songs

  • Boys Like You (Prod. by Ali Dee & BElllA)

  • Other Girl - Morgan Page Feat. Rayla (Prod. by Morgan Page)

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