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2018: Who's On Deck: #8 - Young Lungs

Young Lungs - Canada

#8 on our 2018 “Who’s On Deck” list is non other than Young Lungs. We became hip to Young Lungs after hearing about him via a “CUFBOYS” vlog on Youtube in early 2017. With a plethora of single’s amassing hundreds of thousands of views, Young Lungs has also collaborated with underground pioneer Pouya on a couple songs as well.

The first release from Young Lungs which we became aware of was his 2016 video for, “Courtside”. In the "Courtside" music video, Young Lungs is balling on his local court while he cuts to scenes where he lets us know that he is in the game as a starter now & will no longer be on the bench. Young Lungs is just a 90’s baby from the North-side who is turning his dreams to reality one day & one song at a time.

The second song we heard from Young Lungs was "Demons," a smooth lyric ballad which details some hardships in his past that are effecting his present. Although the music video was released in 2016, as 2018 starts we are still seeing then numbers and engagement rise. The music video for “Demons” is at 640k and rising. We can safely say that by the end of the 2018, “Demons” will break 1 million views. If the momentum that Young Lungs has keeps up, it could even break 5 million in our opinion.

To end 2017, Young Lungs released the music video for his track “Pink Tree”. The double entendre is alive and well in this song and video. There could be a darker side to this song than most people think. Is Young Lungs talking about a girl or something else? Regardless, his cadences belt over the melodic production and at only 2 minutes and 1 second, once it ends you just want to click play again, and again, and again.

To begin 2018, Young Lungs dropped his newest single “KAMIMAZE”. Being used to hearing melodies form Young Lungs, it was so dope to hear him hop on a hard beat and talk that talk. He approached the track with the perfect blend of confidence and cockiness. You can hear the passion in Young Lungs voice and anyone listening can tell that he means every word.

YouTube star NetNobody recently took his talents to the music front & featured Young Lungs on the single “CABIN CRAZY” which has hit over 2.3 million views in just about 2 months. We enjoyed this track as the funky beat provides the perfect framework for Young Lungs & NetNobody to preach their success and let the opposition know they are coming for the top in all aspects. Konus is another artist who is also featured on the track.

As 2018 progresses we are extremely excited to see where Young Lungs goes. We as well as many others across the world are waiting to hear some more 2018 drops from Young Lungs. Photos of Young Lungs & Kevin Pollari have surfaced and perhaps we can expect a banger from those two in the near future?! We have no doubt that with the hard work and catchy unique music Young Lungs is making, that 2018 can and will be the year that he rises to the forefront of the industry.




Notable Tracks

  • Courtside (Prod. by CIAN P)

  • Demons (Prod. by CIAN P)

  • CABIN CRAZY - NetNobody Feat. Young Lungs

  • Pink Tree (Prod. by CIAN P)

  • KAMAKAZE (Prod. by CIAN P)

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