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2018: Who's On Deck: #6 - Chinese Kitty

Chinese Kitty - Brooklyn

#6 on our 2018 "Who’s On Deck" list is Brookyln’s own Taylor Hing a.k.a. Chinese Kitty. The 23 year old model & MC has since relocated to Miami, Florida & has been making strides in the entertainment industry for quite sometime. Chinese Kitty has reached over 1.8 million followers on Instagram & has earned a respected name as one of the hottest video vixens for some of your favorite artists. She has starred as the lead in music videos for some of the industries biggest names such as Ludacris, PNB Rock, Fabulous, Young Dolph, T.I. & more.

(Young Dolph & Chinese Kitty)

To start 2018, Chinese Kitty dropped an absolute banger titled "On Me" which gives any female artist a run for their money. "On Me" is the first offering from Chinese Kitty but the way she approaches the beat makes you feel like she has been doing this for years. Her confidence and swagger are exemplified in her flow and her lyrics. The artwork says a lot about her personality too. She sits on the steps with that look on her face like she knows she’s a boss. Quite frankly after seeing what she's accomplished and seeing what she has in store for 2018 it is no fable to address her as such.

Chinese Kitty is setting out to go from being the star model in music videos to being the star artist in her own music videos. Her career has been taking off vastly since 2017 and as the new year rolls in you can catch Chinese Kitty on the new season of VH1's Love and Hip Hop Miami. The Kitty Gang takeover will soon be in full effect as her single is beginning to bring in some solid traction while her television debut awaits. To learn a little more about Chinese Kitty be sure to check out her interview with DJ Small Eyes below. With all the momentum in the world at her back, we are positive Chinese Kitty will propel her self to the next level of superstardom in 2018, as she continues to impress in all aspects of entertainment.




Notable Tracks

  • On Me

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