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2018: Who's On Deck: #7 - Yung Gravy

Yung Gravy - Wisconsin

#7 on our 2018 "Who's On Deck" list is Wisconsin native Yung Gravy. He has been winning for quite some time as of 2018, hence why the team over at HashTagHipHop have put him in our top ten! Over the course of 2017 Yung Gravy erupted throughout the underground and is on his way to becoming a household name. His EP "Yung Gravity" which is currently on all digital platforms can be streamed below for those who want to get a more audible feel at this young rising star.

Since 2016’s fourth quarter, Yung Gravy has been relentless when it comes to putting out material. Despite some critics trying to write Yung Gravy off as a gimmick emerging from the cluttered era of Hip-Hop we’re living in today, he did not let it stop his persistence. He immediately changed minds of many with his impeccable branding and increasingly impressive music which displayed his one of a kind personality. Hip-Hop is about telling your individual story and Yung Gravy does a fantastic job of being himself on every track. The prime example of this is shown below in his music video for "Mr. Clean." Watch for your self.

For what had been a little longer than a year, Gravy concealed his identity from fans, until he released the debut video for his smooth tempered banger, “Mr. Clean,” in October, 2017. Amassing over 500,000 streams on the music video in less than a week, it was finally clear that Yung Gravy was coming for the underground with heavy momentum on his side. With "Mr Clean" now sitting at over 6,000,000 views on YouTube, Yung Gravy would soon after release another video with bbno$ in early December 2017 titled Rotiserre. The music video for Rotisserre is now on its way to 1,000,000 views and will surely surpass that by the end of 2018.

With frequent names such as singer Mia Gladstone, producer Englewood, or fellow rapper bbno$, it's sure that Yung Gravy’s team, Creamium, is on deck for success in 2018. With 200,000+ subscribers on Youtube & 800,000 + monthly listeners on Spotify, how could you disagree with the Gravy Train’s wave? If all of this wasn’t enough, Gravy just sold out his first US Tour, with complete ease. Between Gravy’s comedic values, his surprisingly capable and fluid lyricism, & his rapidly growing fan base its sure that 2018 will be very, very, Gravy.




Noteable Tracks

  • Mr. Clean [prod. white shinobi]

  • Rotisserie - Yung Gravy & bbno$ (prod. downtime)

  • Ice Cream Truck [prod. Jason Rich]

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