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Drake Drops A 2 Song EP Titled "Scary Hours" & Both Songs Remind Us Why He Is A Living

"There's a lot of bad things people wishing on me"

Living legend, Drake, drops a 2 song EP on us today titled "Scary Hours." The 2 tracks are individually titled "God's Plan" and Diplomatic Immunity." Each track holds it's own style and we couldn't be happier with the "Scary Hours" EP as genuine fans of Drizzy Drake.

The first song "God's Plan" is a more of typical modern Drake vibe, where we hear melodic cadences mixed with hard hitting emotional lyrics. We can hear the reminiscent qualities in Drake's lyrics as he reflects on past experiences. In addition to that, it looks like Drake created yet another new flow that every rapper will most like steal and let the beat rock for people to cut and Remix.

"I don't want to die for them to miss me"

"They gonna tell the story, shit was different with me"

Diplomatic Immunity is the type of track that will have og Hip-hop heads vibing as well as your og Drake fan. This track is straight bars. Line after line, Drake is going off proving to any critic that he can perform on any beat with any style. We already knew that but we also know there are plenty of Drake haters out there. It blows our mind, but they're out there.

"All that peace and that unity all that weak shit will ruin me, fuck em"

"N*ggas started talking to me like I'm slowing down, opinions over statistic of course. Gassed off journalistic. Come to me all you'll see is the ballistic report"

"I taught you everything you know, now you got student pride"

With such a diverse approach to his music, Drizzy is is truly one of the best doing it in. We highly suggest you check out "Scary Hours" as you can literally finish it within 7 minutes and thirty five seconds. Definitely worth your ears and definitely worth your time.

Stream on Spotify & Apple Music below


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