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We had the pleasure of chopping it up with rising star, Allante. This versatile artist definitely has what it takes to get to the top and after speaking with him we got a feel for the direction he's taking things.

1. Who are you?

My name is Victor Allante Jones Jr. I’m a indecent artist from Detroit Michigan , and my music or my flow has no definition. Im very versatile one day I’ll be making a turn up club banger or Im making a R&B ,Rock , Alternative song.

2. How did you come up with your stage name?

My stage name is literally my middle name . I chose to go by my middle name because its the name my mother gave me. She’s a big part in my life till this day. I’m a junior and I came to a point in my life where I’ve lost respect for my Dad and I didn’t want to still be known or called his name “Victor” . I wanted to become my own person , so thats what made me start going by my middle name Allante.

3. What state are you from and what area do you rep?

I’m from Michigan and I rep the city I grew up in , Detroit. Even tho my sound is different from all the Detroit artist Its hard to get love from the core of Detroit but I still show love till I finally get that love back and its starting to show !

4. Who are your biggest influences/inspirations & why did you decide to make music?

My biggest influences and inspirations is literally my family . My mom and Auntie used to rap, sing, and beatbox back when they was my age. They never took it as far as I did but when I found that out I just knew it was a reason it was so easy for me to put words together and to perform in front of crowds . Far as artist in the game like Og’s for my generation i will say Kanye, Jay-Z , Kid-Cudi , Tech N9ne , then my versatile genres come into play with these other artist like 3 Doors Down , Metallica ,Daughtry , Skillet , and The script .

5. What makes you different from other artist’s?

My flow and style will never be matched its all over the place its hard to compete . Like most artist stick with what they know and I just can’t do that my talents hasn’t reached a peak yet . I feed off the energy and flow of other artist I hear and I put it into my own style.

6. What would you say is your most successful song?

My song “Regret” I did with my Cousin Donn Sirrah and my colleague Wade . It was produced by my boy Luca Malaspina . It’s my first R&B love song and its been doing numbers after it was first dropped in December a lot of fans can vibe to it and relate to the lyrics.

7. Describe some your future short term/long term goals for yourself.

My future short term goal is to put my foot into the industry and to leave my mark . I want them to know who Allante is and what he stands for .

My future long term goal is to have a beautiful family and to own a strong and successful record label .

8. What is your favorite song out right now?

My favorite song out right now is my song “Regret” It used to be “Lit Sauce” but just the fact that I wrote it about a break up I was going through and I executed it so perfectly is what makes it such a great song in my eyes.

9. What is your favorite sport & why?

My favorite sport next to skateboarding is Basketball . I’m 6’3 so I gotta “hoop”. I’ve been playing ever since I could walk and as the years progressed I progressed in the sport . If I wanted to I could’ve went to pro ball but I don’t like to take the game serious I play it more for the rec side of it .

10. What are some of your other hobbies?

My other hobbies are Skateboarding , Youtube gaming , Editing videos, Photography , and spending time with my family and my team.

11. Where can people find you (Social Media/Website)?

All my social media’s are the same


That’s for my Twitter,Instagram, and Snapchat

Then my official website is

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