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1. Who are you?

My name is Diante .. but you can call me Tay.

2. How did you come up with your stage name

Lol so hurricane Chris had this popular song called hay bay bay and everyone in the hood called my Tay bay bay the song got outdated so did the name so I just kept Tay

3. What state are you from and what area do you rep?

I’m from Lafayette, Louisiana I was raised between there and Seattle so I kinda rep both

4 & 5. Who are some of your biggest influences and inspirations & why did you decide to make music?

My uncles PJ & Brian are my biggest influences when it comes to rap my uncle pj taught me how to write bars and my uncle Brian took me to my first studio session. As far as popular artist I like nipsey, Kevin Gates, and future. I decided to make music because it was a great way to express myself.

6. What makes you different from other artists?

I’m not a sound chaser ! I noticed people follow trends because one particular sound is hot ! I also never fake a image I’m not a smoking mirror I keep it G I’m true to myself.

7. What would you say is your most successful songs?

This song I made called “swish” lol which I hate but for some reason it caused the biggest wave . I didn’t expect that at all even got DMs from individuals who added the song to their playlist.

8. Describe some future short term/long term goals for yourself?

Future short term goal is to stay consistent I’m in the studio every two weeks ! I want my following to grow . I also want to put out videos and merchandise. As far as long term I want to retire my mom and give my kids the life I couldn’t have .. I don’t care much about me i do this for the people who look up to me.

9. What is your favorite song out right now?

Man that’s a hard one ! As far as my music I like my song moet . As far as popular artist it’s a toss up between blue laces 2 and met gala by Gucci

10. What is your favorite sport and why?

Basketball! I love the competition especially college basketball they hunger and drive those guys have to be great is unbelievable plus the work effort because you have to play both defense and offense

11. What are some of your other hobbies?

Watching anime im huge dragonball z fan I also like video games a lot.

12. Where can people find you?

Instagram: @taaylogan .... Snapchat: @taaylogan : SoundCloud @ taaylogan.. same for twitter

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