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Ajaxbeats Drops an Instrumental Project That Will Have Artists Writing Hits For Days

What's up Y'all we are back again with another great album review but this time we have our first review on a beat tape. Ajaxbeats is the topic of conversation today with his instrumental beat tape titled "Humid Dreams for a Frigid Reality". To say the least, the vibes are incredible. When we came across this project we were very excited because it is not like most of the content we cover. Overall "Humid Dreams for a Frigid Reality" has a cool calming vibe in our opinion. Any artist who would hop on these tracks could definitely make a chill banger based off of the production value alone.

We are vastly impressed at the fact that Ajaxbeats has amassed so many streams on the project too. We give him much credit because he has to draw the listener in with no help from an artist

Our favorite track off of the project is "Oregon". To us, this has a very Tribe Called Quest feel to it. We could hear emcee's telling a story with back to back verses, maybe a short hook to separate it. In all honestly we REALLY want to hear a hip hop routed artist drop some bars on this asap. When we first turned it on, we were expecting something hard with dark emotion but as it progressed you could hear the calming chords and pleasant claps to carry you on to the end.

Definitely do not sleep on Ajaxbeats, the multitalented Producer/DJ is ready to elevate his career and "Humid Dreams for a Frigid Reality" is just one stepping stone that he will look back on as he rises to the top. His discography does not stop here, make sure you head over to his SoundCloud ( and check his other 23 uploads.


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