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Fetty Brothers Fuse Acoustic Instrumentals & Melodic Hip-Hop On Their New Album "Diamonds &

What’s up y’all. We are back again after a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend with a brand new Album review. This time we have Hip-Hop group “Fetty Brothers” and their latest Album “Diamonds & Denim”. In a day and age where production is centered around synthetic sounds and computerized noises, the Fetty Brothers put together a great project full of live instrumentation and stellar harmonics.

This 16 track body of work definitely has vibes for all different moods. Chill, Turn Up, Emotional, EVERYTHING. It is so great to see new artists coming out with a diverse sound, especially in a group. This dynamic duo is carving their own lane, while being able to blend their sound with the modern day trends.

Our favorite track on the project is “Boujee”. The cadences come from all angles in your headphones. There is such a great display of vocal range, accompanied by witty lyrics to keep the listeners attention. As much as we love the lyrics, the beat is absolutely amazing and can appeal to all audiences. The smooth guitar and melodic synth lets you relax your mind and feel the vibes. Let’s face it, we all get a little Boujee somethings!

Another great cut off of Diamonds & Denim is “Money Up”. Once again a great guitar leads the instrumental as smooth, calming, notes ride over the claps and bass. This is one of those songs that we could see a live band behind as the crowd raises their hands and lighters into the sky, maybe even a synced group clap. None the less, this is the perfect set of vibes for the summertime. As it approaches you would be foolish to not include the Fetty Brothers on your playlist!

We are looking forward to see where the Fetty Brothers are headed. As 2018 continues we will most definitely keep an eye on their progression. Already amassing millions of streams on SoundCloud, “Diamonds & Denim” is surely not ceasing momentum. If you haven’t already please do your self a favor and follow them on Twitter, Instagram & SoundCloud and tune in!

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