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Gio Martin Takes Us "Down the Road" to Memory Lane with His New Single. "A Love Song

"A Love Song For The New Generation.."

After an impressive first week, Gio Martin is keeping the momentum with his new single "Down the Road". Amassing over 50,000 streams and major independent playlist support & over 40,000 streams on SoundCloud, we heard that Gio is planning on releasing the music video for this song in late June/early July.

With production from German native, Boyard Bes, Gio Martin gives us a love song for the new generation. This is the perfect song to reminisce on good times with your high school or college crush. We all have that one person we cant get out of our head, that one person you liked who left a long lasting impression on you. At just under 2 minutes, Gio Martin uses a calming cadence to deliver a short story with quick hooks and witty bars. We really enjoyed this as it displayed his song writing ability and vocal range.

Be sure to follow Gio Martin "Down the Road" as he takes us all on a walk down memory lane.

"Down the Road" on Spotify

"Down the Road" on SoundCloud

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