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Pipo Fernandez & JWELL Swipe, Swipe & Get the Darty Started with Their Brand New 2 Track EP

Today’s piece covers JWELL & Pipo Fernandez and their new 2 song EP titled “2 Player Game”. These two magnificent artists who on their own leave a mark but together blow it out of the water. We have been fans of Pipo & JWELL for quite sometime so when we found out that they dropped a brand new joint project we HAD to give it a listen. After reading our thoughts on it we hope you choose to do the same!

As 2018 began we have seen a lot of short EP’s and this right here is EXACTLY what the fans want. 2 great songs that get both JWELL & Pipo’s points across. Both tracks, “Swipe Swipe” & “Darty” have a soulful, funky vibe that that will have any summer party lit.

The beat for “Darty” is definitely more Hip-Hop than Pop in our opinion but we can still hear this bumping through many speakers during the summer months and into fall. I think the best way we could describe how “2 Player Game” is that “Darty” is the song you play on your way to the party and once you are a few drinks deep, you turn on "Swipe Swipe” and let the vibes take you away!

Lets be honest, we ALL have swiped right at least once on Tinder or one of those dating apps ! “Swipe Swipe” is the perfect song for that moment when you are scrolling through the app & finally find that one girl you’ve been searching for your whole life! The beat practically forces you to dance, as the bass pounds and the melodic chords synchronize with Pipo & JWELL’s vocals. Don’t be surprised when you hear this on Instagram & Snapchat over the course of the summer .

Short, sweet and too the point is an ideal description for "2 Player Game”. Both gentlemen exemplified pristine artistic ability by combining multiple genres on these 2 song. One thing we can say about Pipo Fernandez & JWELL is that you will always see them stepping outside of the box and really deliver something authentic to themselves!


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