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If You're Searching For A New Group With A Sound of Their Own, Look No Further, Cowlick Is Here

Cowlick has been a group we have been following for a minute. The diversity in their artistry is something we are fond of and can tell they put a lot of work into their craft. Cowlick is not one of these new artists doing extravagant things for attention. They have been paving their own way solidly and with their new project "No, I won’t be home for Christmas but I love you.” we can obviously tell there is not slowing down anytime soon.

Just based off of the title you can tell Cowlick is playing ZERO games. They are fully committed to their career and are making sure they see out their wildest dreams. "No, I won’t be home for Christmas but I love you" is Cowlick’s debut album and was "created in sequence in 9 days {27 hours to be exact > 1,620 minutes}, in Venice, California, 2018”. They describe it as “9 songs, true people, infinite dimensions."

To start off, I want to say that we are fond of the song titling. Each song spells out a word or phrase which when put in “sequence” spell out the titled of the project "No, I won’t be home for Christmas but I love you.” Truly I don’t think this has ever been done before and if it has, we have not seen it. Pure genius if you ask me. What makes it even better is that the songs actually cohesively flow together, almost putting you directly next to Cowlick in Venice during the creation of this project.

A stand out track in our eyes is “I won’t.” Cowlick’s vocalist, Zachary Murdock is really spitting gems all over this album, but on this track in particular he really spread some knowledge. This stanza below has to be one of our favorites for sure, if you have ever been to the west coast I’m sure you will find this excerpt from “I won’t” to be true. Accompanied by the full bands instrumentation, it is REALLY hard not to feel what Zachary is saying.

"Most people babies who ain’t born, been boring ya’

Sideways like pouring your wine in California

While I’m driving up Highways, honking horns at ya’

Bunch ah mothaf*ckin’ talking heads, no stories, huh?” - Cowlick

As the project progresses we find something which we feel always adds some extra “sauce” to a song. Female vocals always bring a great dynamic and on "No, I won’t be home for Christmas but I love you” the outcome was no different. On “home” & “Christmas” we see great examples of this with Carmen Borla & Reilly Brooke. The final track “you” shows Cowlicks vocal range and gives us a nice melodic intro which transitions into some nice drums with a smooth flow.

Honestly there is not one genre that Cowlick would fall into. Their SoundCloud describes them as a Soul, R&B, Jazz & Funk group but to be honest I don’t think you could solely place them in 1 category. Cowlick has a song for every type of music lover. If you want to find a new artist that doesn’t sound like everyone else, who is actually providing legitimate lyrical content, look no further, Cowlick is here.

Stream Cowlick’s debut album "No, I won’t be home for Christmas but I love you" below:

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