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1. For those who may not know, who are you?

Big Sosa, but I stuck with the nickname B.$osa.

2. Where are you from, currently based out of?

Right now I’m on the We$t Coast, LV . Las Vegas

3. At what age did music become your focus?

22, when I was younger I played around with it and everyone was rapping and doing battles but I took it more serious now.

4. At over 150k on Instagram & 50k on Twitter Your social media is pretty lit when did you start gaining a large following? And what do you think has allowed you to

maintain such a loyal fan base?

The Kevin Gates record . I had songs before that but that one changed everything . For my fans from the jump they know what to expect and my main goal right is to make the best music and different types of styles so I can switch it up as well.

(1.4 million streams)

5. If you weren’t pursuing music is there another career you would like to have?

A professional Boxer, I was in the Golden Gloves before my Dad passed away. I train now and still watch and go to professional fights when I can

6. What is your take on all of the “trolling” being done by major artists in the industry? How do you feel about smaller artists trolling to get on?

It really It comes down to knowing not everything works for everyone . People burn out quick because they depend on the stupid shit and gimmicks . I think the new artist see all this stuff and go that route but you don’t want them to look at you as a joke or clown trying to do music like everyone else. Some shit just ain’t gangsta. I don’t respect it . The game has changed

7. What is your favorite sport/sports team?

Football. My favorite players is LT, Ray Lewis, Kobe and my nigga Cam . Russell Westbrook interviews be so funny , he go hard too. I rock with Chiefs and Lakers . Shout out to the Las Vegas Knights , they going crazy.

8. What was your inspiration for your single “Rocky”?

Honestly I sat on the record for a few months . I didn’t have a hook so I didn’t record nothing but one day I just said fuck it and spit like 20 bars on it . The new Creed movie’s coming out too so it all worked out.

9. Do you have any advice for artists coming up in the industry?

My advice is pay attention to everything that’s going on mainstream wise & to push the music as much as to can. Be smart about who you work. Whatever you want to do keep it in your heart and make it happen. karma is real so I stay away from people that don’t bring good energy

10. Where can people find you on Social Media?

Yes , follow me on Instagram & Twitter for new music , shows and videos on the way @1bsosa

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