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Caj Encee's Latest Visual Mixes Old School Aesthetic With New School Flavor, To Make Sure He Is

Multifaceted artist, Caj Encee has been on our radar for a few years and we we’re reminded why with his latest music video. Caj Encee unveiled to us a brand new visual for his single “Home By 6" which shows signs of why he isn't slowing down anytime soon.

First off, before we even indulge into visual aspect, the beat is absolutely hypnotic. The ominous sound matches the dark tones throughout the video. This is the type of song for any Rap fan. It has a fire beat, catchy lyrics and fire punch lines. Something to rock up and down too, chant at the top of your lungs or just kick back and vibe to.

The old school Mercedes really added a nice touch, showing a classy side to an edgy song. The film grain effect on some of the shots matches the time period in which the Mercedes came out so it is a very complimenting addition. The scenes in front of the car & inside the driver seat are our favorite. It gives off a “boss” vibe which kept us watching.

As Caj delivers witty punch lines and memorable metaphors, we really get a feel for his mind frame. After going so hard for so long, there is no reason to play it safe. Taking risks is where real reward comes and we can tell Caj Encee has that mindset with the “Home by 6” Music video. Sometimes even the simple lines stand out the most. To be honest 2 of the hardest lines in our opinion are listen below. Very short, sweet, and too the point. More than anything the way Caj was able to flow the lines is what stuck with us.

“They say what they, don’t care what they think”

When everybody keep telling you, then guess that’s how you know”

Make sure you check out the music video and hit Caj up to tell him what you think.


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