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Niko Brim Showcases His Hot Flow On New Single, No AC

Niko Brim No AC is a very unique track implementing many qualities of Hip-Hop. Great flow, great beat and great samples all come together to really put this song over the top. We have had No AC in our #Hashtagfire Spotify playlist for the last month and listeners have been loving it.

The song starts with a very interesting vocal sample from Power 105.1 blended with a Steve Harvey sample, which falls right into the open lyrics of the song..."Yeah, I’m rolling no ac.” Niko’s smooth delivery allows you to really feel his words as opposed to just hearing the song. You can feel the passion in his voice as he molds his flow over the instrumental.

We get a Chance The Rapper vibe on this track. Niko is telling a great story of how he is truly a unique individual. A line early in the verse may be simple but it stand outs and get the overall message of the song across perfectly, (0:57) “I ain’t like all them n*****, I ain’t no regular guy.

As the song progresses you start to see that Niko is speaking on a female presence. He makes various references to woman stating how he is a better choice for her as opposed to any other guy. We can tell that he wants her to know he cares and is willing to be there for her no matter what.

Niko has been working very hard over the last year and we have taken note of that. We know that No AC is just one of the many gems in his catalog and we cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for him.

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