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Young Rising Star, DJ Sam Silver Debuts Brand New Project, "Directors Choice"

Dj Sam Silver is a rare talent. At such a young age this multifaceted talent really took his career to the next level with his project. At only 15 minutes and change, "Directors" is exactly what you need to pump you up for your morning commute or bus ride to school. "Directors Choice" really blends a lot of genres but the one that stands out is the electronic dance music influence in the production. As the tracks play through, the seamless transitions really allow for a cohesive smooth listen. In our opinion, there is a lack of that in the music industry now a days, so it is refreshing to see Sam Silver be able to achieve that at such a young age. This project really shows the artistic maturity that he has. Sam's project "Directors Choice" includes 4 vocal features, Pipo Fernandez, Maui Mac, Robert Don, Supreme Madness & Jojee. Each artist brings their own flavor and administer great skill on each cut they are a part of. BEllA is also a featured act on "Directors Choice" as well. It is safe to say that DJ Sam Silver is only going to shine brighter and brighter as his career progresses. Overall this project was very well organized, from the production to the vocals, each moving piece came together nicely. Do yourself a favor, bump "Directors Choice" to either start you day off right or cap your night off on a good note. No pun intended!

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