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Rising Artist, Imagine, Is Looking Deep "Beyond Clouds" Than Most People With His Latest P

"Beyond Clouds" by Imagine is one of those timeless projects. In our opinion this body of work demonstrates qualities of an artist who knows what he wants and where to take his career. From the production to the lyrics, this blend of artistic ability places Imagine in a league that not many artists in his position are playing in.

One thing that stands out to us is the length of the project. 15 songs is not your typical number for a track list now a days. 2018 has been full of 5, 7 or 20/20+ track albums and projects. We feel this shows that Imagine had a plan to tell a story with this project and 15 tracks is what it took to convey his message properly.

One track that stuck out to us in particular is "E.A.S." The samples used from newscasts really provides a an eerie tone. Imagine is speaking on hard truths that most people do not want to face. He is using his voice to talk about real issues going on across the country and bring light to the issues that are overlooked by the media.

The closing track "Diary of a Dreamer” pretty much sums up the collective thoughts and ideals that Imagine put on wax throughout “Beyond Clouds”. Not many artists are able to put serious matters into rhyme and make the thoughts cohesively flow but Imagine crafted this to perfection if you ask us.

So many artists are concerned with commercialism that they forget the reason Hip-hop was created in the first place. “Beyond Clouds” is a breathe of fresh air that the 2018 Hip-hop culture definitely needed.

Imagine may be reviving Hip-hop with this project. He really went above and beyond to let us know he will not be stopped on his road to glory. I wish we could break down each track but we want YOU to be the judge. “Beyond Clouds” is available on all major streaming platforms for your listening pleasure. The link is below. Be sure to follow imagine on all social media at @that_imagine

Stream "Beyond Clouds" for free on Bandcamp or support the cause and stream on Spotify and Apple Music

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