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Pipo Fernandez Is Coming Up In A Major Way

Pipo Fernandez has been on the #Hashtaghiphop radar for a while now. Time after time, we hear new songs from Pipo that have impressed us and brought content forward that puts him into a unique category. His music embodies a lot of musical elements from rap style, live performance vibes, pop vocals, sensible collaboration choices and much more... He has a plethora of original content to display the qualities listed above, but the only way for you to find out for yourself is to listen!

The most recent offering from Pipo Fernandez is titled "Breakfast in Bed." This love song describes everyone desire for the early morning pleasures. If you have a special someone in your life or if you are waking up from that random one night stand, “Breakfast in Bed” is the perfect track to reminisce on those times. If you are looking to get lucky it may even become the perfect song to set the mood. Be sure to stream “Breakfast In Bed” below.

If we could find an artist to compare Pipo to, we would have to say it is a blend between Jason Mraz & John Mayer with a modern pop twist.

In addition to stellar original content, Pipo has also blessed the internet with cover songs that make you think they were songs of his own. Pipo's vocal range allows him to step into many different lanes. He can sing acoustic sing, and then an hour later go into a Hip-Hop song, which is truly a quality that is hard to find in this modern era of music. Entertainment in forever changing, but Pipo Fernandez is finding his way through the ranks, making sure people recognize his story.

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