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Yvng Leaf Drops His Latest Project Entitled “Leaf’s Nirvana”

Yvng Leaf came on our radar at the end of 2018 and we were pleasantly surprised with his catalog on SoundCloud as well as his social media presence.

The first track we discovered was a single off of “Leaf’s Nirvana” by the name of “No More”. Before the project was even released, the single “No More” was able to amass almost 1,000,000 streams on SoundCloud. Only a few days after the release of the project, “No More” has broken 1,000,000 streams and has made a lot of noise in the early stages of 2019.

The smooth flow on “No More” is maintained by the remaining tracks on this 7 song project. To kick it off, “Demon Slayer Kid” has the new school vibe for sure. Yvng Leaf is able to embody the trendy sound while flowing like a true emcee. We are not one for comparisons but if we did need to compare Yvng Leaf to a modern artist(s) we would have to say that we hear a little bit of Nav & Lil Skies.

One song that slowed things down for us was “With My Crew” featuring Lil Rain. The vibe fit the rest of the project but this most definitely was a calming presence amongst high energy melodic bangers. Lil Rain accompanied Yvng Leaf extremely well and their collaborations really left a stamp on “Leaf’s Nirvana" as a whole.

All in all, Yvng Leaf stepped up to the plate and hit a home run with this body of work. We really enjoyed "Leaf's Nirvana" and we are excited to see what the future holds for him and his hardworking team. Stream the project above the article, you will not be disappointed.

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