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B.$osa, KS & Tyler Michelle, Bring the Miami Vibes to Every Part of the Country

B.$osa & KS team up with Tyler Michelle for a summer anthem that everyone in Florida will be jamming too. That is not yo say the rest of the world won't feel the vibes, "305" just caters specifically to the southern Florida summer scene. To be honest this beat was all we needed to classify this one as a hit. Once B.$osa, KS & Tyler & company start flowing, the song goes to a whole new level of energy and puts you into the mindset of the artists. We are not sure if these 3 were trying to capture a Pitbull vibe, but we are able to hear little bit of the classic "Pitbull" sound when bumping "305" The verses are jam packed full of party metaphors and references to "the good life" as the hook carries an uptempo melody to tie everything together. It is nice to see a collaboration flow so organically. You can tell these 3 artists were able to capture each other's energy and compliment each other's voices. If you haven't already be sure to check this song out below. Add this to all your summer playlists and get familiar with these 3 because after this hits mainstream, there's no turning back for this trio.

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