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Carrie Cleveland is BACK & Better Than Ever

If you want to hear an authentic, unique voice, look no further because Carrie Cleveland is here! We recently were put onto Carrie’s angelic voice and we must say, it was a breathe of fresh air. To be honest is not the typical style of music we cater too but after hearing the message in her lyrics and the power in her voice, we NEEDED to shed some light on her talents.

Carrie's song, ”Love Will Set You Free” was recently reissued via digital markets and streaming platforms. "Love Will Set You Free" embodies the qualities of an upbeat, "happy go luck tune,” with a deep message. The smooth beat behind her voice really provides the proper frame work to let the listeners vibe out. You can get up and dance your pants off, or you can calm sway to the melody. These types of songs are something we are very fond of because it allows you to do whatever you want while listening.

Carrie Cleveland surely has something special. Her voice stands out in a crowd and when you hear it, you KNOW it is Carrie Cleveland. With much support from her family and peers, Carrie voice will be echoing through the halls of time. She has a voice that can live on for generations and provide joy to all who have the opportunity to hear her.

Check out “Love Will Set You Free” below and enjoy the vibes!

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